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A Word for the New Year

With 2020 leaving (can I get an “Amen”)  and 2021 about to start, it is that time of year when I sit and ponder.  I think about the past year and the word that the Lord gave me. Do you have a word for the year that you keep in the forefront of your mind? Perhaps a phrase that helps guide and direct you to grow as a person or in your faith journey? For 2020 the Lord gave me the phrase  “year of favor”.  I had a hard time accepting that declaration with the chaos and uncertainty swirling about me.  Where is this favor, Lord,  that you promised me? I felt stress, I felt a shaking in my core, I was unsettled and scared. We had huge changes within our family that I did not know how to traverse, my spirit was weary and on top of it all, there was a worldwide pandemic. How can this be favor? And then He showed me. It is in the quiet of the morning when I sit before Him and He hears my prayers and counts my tears. It is in the grocery aisle as what I need is available.  It is in the ch

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