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Cultivating Calm in the Midst of Crisis

The world turned upside down overnight. Confidence was replaced with anxiety and calm was overtaken by fear. I witnessed it in the grocery store as shelves were emptied and saw it in people's eyes walking by. I heard it in a Momma's voice as she wondered if her child had COVID but was unable to get testing due to not meeting the required criteria.  It's been months since COVID came to our shores and yet the fear still lingers. I live in a state made up of small businesses with one of the oldest populations in the country. COVID has left it's mark here drastically. Many Mom and Pop businesses are closing after being the hearts of their communities for decades. People are afraid for their jobs, for their health, and for our economy. Much of our state still remains closed. My son doesn't know when his workplace will reopen, and the dentist cancelled for a second time to push our appointments out till the end of summer stating it may change again depending on the corona

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