Noticing the Good

Dirty dishes are on the counter, Nerf bullets are scattered here and there (there must have been a Nerf War while I was out grocery shopping), a stack of school books are on the table.  The living room door creaks open and joyful shouts cry out "Momma's home, Momma's home!"  I am embraced, kissed and tugged on.  Everyone begs to help with the groceries.  My two year old drags bags across the floor and to the fridge... canned goods find their way onto the second shelf next to the eggs.  Little Miss lugs the water jugs to the pantry... along with the milk and someone has opened the tomatoes and started snacking.  I cannot help but laugh.  This is my life.  It is big and loud and messy and fun and beautiful all at the same time.

I set the kids up with a snack while I relocate the canned goods to the pantry and place the milk in the refrigerator.  Thank you Lord for this life.

In the midst of the chaos and the mundane is this sweet fullness that comes from having a large family. 

Oh the days with six children in our home are not always easy.  There are sleepless nights, lingering illnesses, sibling squabbles, Mommy temper tantrums, and the struggle just to get through the daily routine.  However, someone is always laughing in this house, even in the midst of the craziness.  I derive great  joy in watching the children play and create together, seeing them gathered around me listening intently as I read from Charlotte's Web, The Bible, or Little Men; watching their faces light up as they giggle and hand me the fifth drawing they made for me that day, gazing out the window as they sled down the hill or have a snowball fight.  This is what I was created for... to raise up these beautiful babes of mine to love and honor the Lord and serve their fellow man.  It is a trying and tiring task but also one that brings joy unparalleled, one that will have rewards far beyond this temporal life.  And how many times do I miss it?  How many times do I blow it?

Maybe I am overtired and so I over react at an incident dissolving a child into tears within a matter of seconds because I speak harshly over something trivial.  There have been times where I ignore what is going on and then when it cannot be ignored any longer I get upset when the blame lies with me for not being available in the beginning.

Far too often I think we do not see our children as little humans, with their own identities and souls. We need to remember that there is an eternal significance to everything we are doing.  Their souls and ours will go on for eternity so what we say and do now, in this life, is important... it has an everlasting impact.

I start supper and watch the children as they set the table and do a quick tidy before dinner.  They are doing what is asked of them and doing it happily.  I stop to praise them... and they smile and stand a little straighter.  Maybe that is what we all need, just a little more understanding and more praise in a world that seems to rush by us, not noticing the good but often focusing on the bad.

It's time for a perspective shift.  Try it today... rather than focusing on Johnny spilling the milk, Susie not picking up her toys, or the food that Timmy left on the side of his plate notice what they did do. 

 "Wow Johnny.  Thank you for trying to pour yourself a cup of milk.  You are becoming such a big boy.  Here, let me help you clean that up." 

 "Susie, the fort you made for your dollies is so neat.  Can you tell me about it?"

"Timmy, thank you for tasting your peas even though you don't like them.  You did a great job eating your pork chop and apples."

Same goes for you Momma... rather than noticing the load of laundry you didn't get to fold notice the smiles on your children's faces because you read them a story instead, or rather than sighing over the sink of dirty dishes that you just don't have the energy to wash look at the satisfied faces around you because you made yet another meal.  Instead of seeing the stretch marks and tired eyes, see the strength that brought forth life and continues to sustain it even in the midst of long days  and sometimes long nights.  You are strong, you are capable, and you are loved... keep up the good work and know I am right here with you, cheering you on.

What are some ways you notice the good in your world?  Please leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. :)




  1. My children are grown and gone, so the people that I can impact most in my days are those that I run into in my workday. I try to notice the "lovelies" that people wear; a compliment about hair, scarf, jewelry, penmanship usually grants a smile. Guys are a little harder but a small joke or smile usually gets one back. Life, however hard, is a little easier if we smile and our voice is gentle.

    1. So true Connie! Thank you for making the world a brighter place and for sharing such wonderful examples.

  2. Today's blog is a beautiful gift. Yes, I now enjoy the mundane. I loved being a young mother and now being a grandmother. Time truly flies. I am thankful for good health and am able to do the dishes, laundry, take out the garbage, shovel snow, that I know longer take for granted, it is a blessing from God.

  3. Thank you for sharing Blessed in Central Maine. It easy for me to take good health for granted, thank you for reminding me what a gift it is to have mobility and energy to do the day to day tasks. Many blessings to you!

  4. I really appreciate your blog and how you continue to remain steadfast in your service to God with your children. My little girl is 6 months and we are dealing with jetlag right now, but she travelled so well and when she is up at 2 am, she is full of smiles and laughter, which makes that time so much more bearable when she isn't sleeping

    1. Thank you for reading my little spot on the Internet Brandi.

      God's grace has made it possible to remain steadfast. I don't do it perfectly but He knows my heart and He knows yours too. :)

      I always admire mommas who can travel with children. I think you are brave... it's no small feat!

      Praying for the jet lag to subside so you and your precious family can settle back into your routine.

      It is such a joy to snuggle a sweet babe in the wee hours. Baby smiles are the best!

      Enjoy the journey, they grow fast and each step brings something that will delight your heart and something that will stretch you and grow you into the woman God has created you to be. Thanks again for reaching out, it makes my day to know others read my ramblings.

      Lifting you up,


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