For The Days That Are Tough

The wind rattled the windows as the gray clouds unleashed their torrential downpour.  The dismal gloom outside mirrored my Momma heart.  Three out of five children were crying,

my breakfast sat cold and uneaten on the table since I was interrupted half a dozen times while trying to eat.  The baby needed to be changed, an argument needed re-directing, the cat puked on the floor and the toddler was about to investigate it.  I did not sleep well the night before due to the shingles rash on my left leg feeling like a thousand bees... oh, and it's my birthday.
Yeah, I decided to let the self pity wash over me and I just sat there and cried.

My six year old comes bounding up to me, his spunky energy was something I envied at that moment...

"Gee Mom, it's your birthday and you still have to cook and clean and do all kinds of things for us.  It sure doesn't seem like your birthday does it?  I am glad that when it is my birthday everyone else does my chores and I get to eat whatever I want.  Hey... are you going to make yourself a birthday cake today?"

My little man is so honest, painfully so.  I needed to drag myself up out of the mire and focus on the One who made me.  I offered up prayers throughout the day... "Please Lord, just give me strength to be the Mom I need to be today because I just don't want to be Momma today.  I want to go back to bed and not worry about anything or anyone."

Some days are tough... really tough and it may take all of our strength to put one foot in front of the other.  That is when we need to cry out to our Maker.  He will give us the strength when we are weak.  I made it through my birthday and ended up having a lovely evening out with my darling husband (just the two of us.  THANKS MOM!) and  when my head hit the pillow I could thank God for sustaining me and for giving me joy in the midst of the chaos.

I just want to remind you, dear Mom on the other end of the screen, that you are not alone.  We all have days that are trying, that test us to the core and leave us exhausted.  I wanted to share a post that I could relate to by Kat Lee (click here).  I pray that you are encouraged and refreshed in knowing that we are right along with you, facing similar battles, slaying our own dragons, and clinging to the Hope that our Savior brings.

By His Grace,