Not Me! How to Give a Goldfish a Funeral.

As you read recently... we journeyed to the dreaded Walmart and what I forgot to mention was that we decided to bring home a goldfish.  I figured it would be fun to have a fish, something easy that requires minimal care that the little ones can help be responsible for.

On the way home name choices were made and "Nemo Sharkbait" was welcomed into our family.  Sadly, two days later, he departed.  I did not discover his lifeless body while going to the bathroom at 2am.  He was just floating at the top of the bowl, not belly up like most fish, just staring vacantly at me.  It was kinda weird actually.

When the children awoke I informed them of Nemo's unfortunate passing.   My oldest was excited to flush Nemo while our toddler cried, and the Princess, who is three years old,  was ready to go out and purchase Nemo junior.  I did not tell them that after breakfast and chores we would give Nemo a proper funeral.

As I was wrapping up my vacuuming my five year old did not run up to me with Nemo in his hands, smiling to beat the band.  "I'm ready for Nemo's funeral Mom... I have em' right here."  My response did not bring tears to the Princess's eyes, who was standing behind her brother.  I did not say "Alright darling, well, let's go to the bathroom and we will say "goodbye" to Nemo before we flush him down the potty, and please do not grab dead fish out of the bowl again."  Princess Pickles did not burst forth from behind my fish holding son, sobbing, saying "No, no Mommy.  We DON'T flush fishies in the potty.  We bury them.  Please Momma.  Please can we bury him."  What is a Momma to do when her little Princess is crying and tugging at her pant leg.  I'm such a sucker.

We did not gear up to go outside in the forty degree morning to bury our goldfish.  My dear boy did not try putting his shoes on one handed while holding the fish in his other hand. While putting his shoe on, the cyclone toddler did not decide this would be a most opportune time to see what was in his brother's hand. So... he did not step into his brother's hand thus slightly squishing our already dead fish.  Suffice it to say, my adventurous fish holder was not grossed out but rather excited to tell us about how it felt to be holding a squished fish.  Joy and rapture for this pregnant lady, let me tell ya'.

We were not outside all gathered around the small grave of our goldfish when the chimney man arrived to do some work at the house and I did not explain our morning adventure.  After burying Nemo, and while I was talking with the chimney man, my little Princess was not attempting to dig the goldfish back up in order to look at him.  And a few days later "the fish holder" did not try digging Nemo up to see if he had turned into a fossil.  The excitement a $0.25 goldfish brings is quite priceless.

What kind of adventures have you had this week?