Not Me! Life on the Farm.

Yes, sometimes I do deny that the events of my life actually happen - sometimes it is too crazy, sometimes it is too messy and even times too amazingly beautiful.  In the same way my children sometimes deny I am their mother as I dance across the kitchen and sing at the top of my lungs - and yet, they still love me.  :)  Come join me for "Not Me Wednesday" as I give you a glimpse of our wacky world.

We do not have a chestnut tree in our back yard.  The children did not eagerly gather nuts that had fallen from the tree and I did not happily research how to roast them (um, the chestnuts that is).  We did not crank Christmas music as we began the process of scoring, boiling, roasting and steaming the chestnuts.  Once they were finished I did not take the first bite... only to spit it out.  It was not  BITTER.  Our chestnuts were not horse chestnuts, meaning they are inedible but some have used the extract for healing varicose veins, bruises, and hemorrhoids.  I do not tell the children "DO NOT eat things that you find on our property... they could be poisonous"... and then try to feed them horse chestnuts.  I know... mother of the year right here people.  :)

A whole bowl FULL of chestnuts.

While moving clothes from the washer to the dryer I did not find a dozen horse chestnuts in the bottom of the machine.  I did not later find out they were from my little girl's pockets because she was saving them to feed her pretend horse.  This beloved horsey also eats blueberry bushes and cereal, so I am told.

Our youngest son has not discovered the absolute joy of walking and does not go at top speed. Often times the upper half of his body reaches where he wants to go before the bottom half catches up.  He does not walk around like an orangutan with his little arms raised up overhead as he struts about, smiling so bright you cannot help but smile back.

am not still in awe each morning as I greet the day, overlooking our property.  This place has felt like home since the day we moved in and my heart is at peace here. The walls here are comforting as they echo a past and promise a future.
The mantle above the hearth in our dining room... just another reminder of how the Lord knows the desires of our hearts.  The framed print is a picture of a farm house, very much like the one we are now living in.  It was given to me by a friend and hung in our old home for several years.  I would look at it each day and pray that someday we would have a little piece of heaven like that which was framed on my wall... and here we are.
  I find much comfort and solace as I sit on our back deck, letting the sun dance across my skin as I listen to the laughter of my children.  The boys do not find adventure in the woods as they build forts and explore, the little ones do not enjoy hours of digging in the dirt, and I do not enjoy the safety and opportunities that this new home gives us.

Some things are beyond my understanding.  My three year old does not lick a tortilla chip and then offer it to me with a big, generous smile and she is not bewildered as to why I do not indulge in such a wonderful luxury as a spit soaked tortilla chip.  My sweet toddler does not jibber jabber in his bed during nap time and when I check on him he has not taken off his clothes and his diaper only to go exploring in said diaper.  The same toddler does not like to eat bugs, worms, grubs and anything else that is creepy crawly and he did not prefer the taste of dirt over his sandwich during our picnic.  He is going to have a great immune system.  :)

From week to week I am never sure of what "Not Me" Wednesday is going to look like - it is definitely a journey and one that I find great joy (and at times immense frustration) in living out day to day.

What is not happening to you this week dear reader?