You Know You Are a Momma of Many When...

* You count your children when you are out in public... and honestly, sometimes when you are at home.

* When you are out at a gathering and someone else's child says "mom", you respond "yes, honey."

* You check the toilet before sitting down so you don't get your bum wet.

* A chorus of laughter can be heard in your home.

* There is a toy bucket in each room to keep little hands entertained.

* You wash, dry and fold multiple loads of laundry a day.

* People view your shoe rack in the entry and marvel at the line up of little shoes.

* The sound of many feet coming down the stairs makes you smile as you announce "supper is ready".

* People stop to ask you "are those all yours?"

* You go through a loaf of bread to make sandwiches for the family.

* Seating is the #1 thing you look for in a vehicle.

* When you call to reserve a room at a hotel for a family vacation you are beyond their limit... you now need two joined rooms or a "family suite" which means you opt for option two = camping.  :)

* Story time in your home looks like story hour at the library with a circle of smiling faces all staring up at you.

* Life is NEVER boring.  You truly do not know what kind of adventures the day will hold.

* Your queen size bed is not that big once little ones come in to snuggle at night.

* Fingerprints and smudges on windows and doors are considered character and are not to be wiped off a) because it is futile and b) because they are cute.

* It takes two carts to go grocery shopping.

* You can braid your daughter's hair, book a doctors appointment for your son, give your opinion on a superhero costume, and look at a Pokemon card collection all at the same time.

* Things like sleeping in, a shower, and three uninterrupted minutes to go to the bathroom are a luxury.

* You have many hands to help out with chores.

* When one child starts to cry it sets off a chain reaction.

* You receive collections of flowers, weeds, rocks, slugs, and whatever your child desires to share with you out of heartfelt love.

* At night when the house is quiet and all of your blessings are tucked in bed you reap the benefits of kissing each one on the head, thanking God for each unique soul, and knowing that your home would be so empty without these precious ones that help shape and fulfill your life's calling.

Enjoy the journey my dear readers because although the days are long... the years are short.

With love,

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