Not Me! A Little Scattered.

Do you ever feel like your brain is constantly trying to catch up?  Do you stare vacantly in your refrigerator wondering what the heck you are doing and then realize you were looking for towels... "hmmm, well, they aren't next to the milk."  Do you watch the children running by you and ache for that type of energy again?  Well, welcome to NOT ME Wednesday where I share my scatter brained thoughts and messy parts of my life that sometimes I want to forget and other times I want to cherish.  Hopefully it will give you a chuckle in your day and remind you that you are not alone.  :)

did not start the washing machine, add soap and forget to put the laundry in.  When  the timer went off and I sauntered into the laundry area to switch the loads around I did not find a big ol' heap of dirty laundry still staring at me.  Ugh!

After bringing the mail out to the mailbox (I do not have to cross a very busy/major route every day to gather my mail.  It does not make me feel very brave for completing such a simple task and thus I do not skip gleefully back to the house feeling like a dare devil and wondering if everyone else can see the cape that must be so obviously blowing behind me in the wind).  Hmmm, where was I?  Oh, after bringing the mail out to the mailbox I did not have to calm down my three year old after finding out that an older sibling told her that there were bears at the zoo we are going to this week and that they only let the bears out when they are hungry so they can eat people.  Praying that our big trip to the zoo is a success and does not result in screaming, hysterical children, especially if we see a bear.

While fixing a snack for the children a scream did not rattle me and my oldest son did not come running to get me to say that my bouncy five year old had poked himself in the eye with a pencil, lead side up.  (this is where you gasp) When I reached him he was not rolling around on the floor screaming hysterically while holding his eye.  I  briefly searched on the floor for a missing eyeball and called my husband at work to see what I should do.  I did not give the poor kid a cold compress for his eye and wait 20 minutes for him to calm down and reveal two functioning eye balls to me... one was very red and sore.  He did not promise to listen to me in the future and no longer horse around while holding a sharp pencil.

Bathroom reading by thejbird, on Flickr

Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  thejbird 
Just when I began preparing dinner my pencil wielding son did not run up to me to let me know the toilet was plugged.  Oh... and he did not say "Mom... it is splashing onto the floor."  Sure enough I did not walk into a little pond of toilet water.  I did not grab an old water jug from the recycling and start bailing.  While bailing the icky water the Princess was not banging on the door to come in and use the facilities.  When it rains it does not pour.

Later on while folding laundry I did not hear a strange growling noise and run to see what was going on only to find my little girl "reading" (from memory) out loud to herself... Caps for Sale.  "You monkeys you, you give me back my caps!"  Sometimes you just need to smile.  :)

What is not going on with you this week?  :)