What does a week of homeschooling look like for us?

Each week can bring it's own sets of challenges and adventure but we kind of have a rhythm in here at Higher Ground Academy, that we try to stick to.  Routine is important, especially for kids.  We are not rigid but we have a general flow.
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We begin each day snuggled up on the couch to read the Bible together and have our prayer and study time.  We are currently reading through 1 Samuel and are studying Who is God?  Sometimes we eat our breakfast while reading the Bible and other times we do Bible time after breakfast but I find this a wonderful way to start out our morning.

After Bible we work on our "dailies" which includes math, language arts (grammar, writing, spelling, reading) and typing.  Our oldest (11 years old) usually works independently while I work with the younger ones.  I find it is easier for my younger ones to have something they can touch while learning, so drawing letters in sand, counting plastic animals, making shapes with play dough, etc.

After we wrap up our dailies it is usually time for lunch and the children are often eager to help me in the kitchen. 

 Our school week usually includes a baking/cooking project.  This week my little Princess helped me make a homemade chicken pot pie. She had so much fun with the rolling pin!  She rolled out the dough and cut out leaf shapes with a cookie cutter to put on top of our pie.  She called them her "babies" and tucked them each into their "bed".  Oh my cuteness! I just love cooking with my kids, I never know what they are going to come out with.
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Mr. Five Years Old learned how to properly hold a paring knife this week and I allowed him to cut up the vegetables for our homemade pizza, the smile on his face was priceless.  My oldest son was taught the difference between stir frying and sauteing, skills that will aid him one day when he has a place of his own. He had a blast sizzling the vegetables in the pan.

After lunch I try to get the children outside, no matter what the season.  It is so important for them to have fresh air and play time. Momma enjoys it too!

If the day is outrageously gorgeous then I do not sit inside wishing we were "out there".  Instead... we bring school out with us.

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Do not allow your school work to dictate you... your children can learn ANYWHERE!  

Math can be done on a clipboard outside with older children and young ones can learn numbers in nature (How many legs does this caterpillar have? How many yellow flowers are in the garden? Can you draw the number four for me in the dirt?). My oldest son enjoyed teaching his younger siblings about fractions by using sticks. Schooling outside is WONDERFUL! A blanket under a tree is the perfect desk as you read aloud in your history book.  Don't feel like you have to make school look like a traditional classroom, you miss out on so many wonderful memories when you are stuck at a desk in the corner of the living room.  How much more enjoyable is it to read Stuart Little while enjoying the fresh air outside!

After we finish our dailies, lunch and outdoor time we usually gather together to do some reading whether it be on the couch or under a tree.  We often read for leisure.  Currently we are reading a Burgess animal story as well as The Chronicles of Narnia.  Other times we huddle together for a history or science lesson or if it is experiment day then we gather around the table for a scientific adventure!

Throughout the week we go to the library, run errands, and enjoy play time with friends. Please know that there are times when we  stop school part way through (or even before it has begun) due to a need for a mental health break or to teach to the heart (character development).  Today was such a day where we decided life was a bit crazy and we needed to slow it down.  So, I popped popcorn, we grabbed a Burgess book and cuddled up together to read a few chapters.  Be flexible, home school at the speed of life, and don't be afraid to just hold your kids close without all of the worksheets and to-do lists.  Enjoy!

What does your school look like?  What is your favorite subject and why?