Breaking the Strongholds


  I realize a little more with each passing year just how many strongholds I have in my life and I am starting to break them one by one.  Some lies I have believed since I was a child and they will take more work than others to remove however, I am starting to make a list.  All of those lies that I have believed, the hurts, the pain, those things that I have allowed to shape me in a negative way, they are filling up the pages in a notebook.  As I write out the lies, I am working on replacing them with truth.

  Sometimes it is hard to find the truth, one of the things that helps me is reflecting on the encouraging letters, words, and insights that people have said to me. I keep them where I can access them easily.  These little pick me ups really help assist in battling depression (click here and here to read about my battle) and the lies that are so easy to succumb to.  Sometimes I have to audibly say out loud "that is not true" when a thought comes flitting into my head.  Spending time alone with God is also another way I keep the truth near and the darkness at bay. Sitting in the quiet I can hear His voice and let Him speak truth to my soul. 

Recently my four year old came to me saying he was stupid.  I told him how that was a lie.  How when we believe those lies that it prevents us from using our gifts and talents. The lie stemmed from an issue my son had  earlier.  He did not obey and we had a conversation about not listening.  I had to explain to him that just because he was disobedient and we had a talk does not mean that he is stupid. I affirmed him and showed him the many ways in which he is smart. 

How often does that happen to us? We listen to a lie, maybe it is small, but we own it and it becomes a part of us. Those lies can weaken us and make us ineffective, self-loathing, insecure people who do not shape/shake our world.

I have to pause and ask myself if I am adding to my children's baggage/strongholds?  I try to keep that in mind the next time I am ready to open my mouth in anger or frustration.  It can be hard for me to stop and hold my tongue, especially if I have been pushed to my limit.  However, if I can just take a moment to pause before I speak, take a deep breath, and think about the words that are about to exit my mouth it can change everything.  It can mean the difference between life giving, soul edifying words of wisdom and love vs. heart breaking, soul tearing, words of bondage that the enemy would love for me to etch onto my children's hearts. How we speak to our children now will shape them and impact their future.

"Only speak words that make souls stronger."
 - Ann Voskamp -

Breaking the chains,