What Is Really Important?

Photo By NutellaStellaAmelia

As a stay at home Mom it can be easy to become distracted and busy with other activities and ignore my children's needs.  For me I find that a ringing phone, the glow of the computer screen, the dust on the ceiling fan, or the book on my bedside table all can distract me and cause me to sacrifice the important things in this life for the urgent.  I am learning, the hard way, that any excessive activity at home can mean neglecting my duty as a Mom.

The daily grind of life can be stressful and exhausting at times for this Momma, yet it is in moments, like these, when I am able to exhale and remember my calling here on this earth at this time in my life. The tugging of little hands on my apron  remind me that the dishes can wait because some things are just more important, like listening to jokes or building a house out of Lincoln Logs, or tickling  pudgy little thighs.  

When I am tired and I plop down on the bed to read a book and a handsome, young man sits on the edge of my bed and politely asks "Mom... can we snuggle and read a book together?" I pat the bed beside me and welcome these moments.  Rather than reading Better Homes and Gardens I am reading adventures involving hidden clues and pirates while letting my nine year old know that he is treasured.  

 I notice my two year old  playing quietly and happily by himself so I tip toe down the hall to check my email and  am stopped in my tracks because my little toddler says "Hey Momma, wanna help me build this big house?" I have a choice to make.  Praise God for His Holy Spirit that gently nudges me to make that right choice. Rather than fulfilling my selfish desire to check my email (which ends up taking much longer because I read blogs, do some research on google, and update facebook), I attempt to build a big house out of Lincoln Logs which inevitably gets knocked over by my helper. Indescribable joy  fills my heart when those sweet little hands pass me a wooden log and bright blue eyes look up at me.  With a big grin, my sweet boy says "good job Mom" and I try to take a mental snapshot of this, sitting cross legged on the floor stacking wooden pieces and making memories.  I  want to be able to treasure  and recall this moment in time so on days where I am distracted I will REMEMBER.  What is really important?

It is moments likes these that remind me how blessed I am and they also convict me because most of the time my first instinct is not to sit down and build houses or read books with my kids.  My first instinct is to look out for number one, to indulge in my own self or do that which I deem important.(Ouch... did I just admit that out loud.)  I have been praying for the Lord to remind me of how fleeting these years are when my children are small and in my home.  I need to embrace each snuggle, rejoice in each moment I get to nurse a baby, read a book with my children, cook with the kids, or play tag in the house.  My muscles ache at the end of the day and I am bone tired but it was a day well spent, one full of laughter and love.  A day in which my children knew that they were more important than the phone, the computer, or the housework. It was a day that was fulfilling because I am doing what God has called me to do... to be a Mom.

So... there you have it, the update in my heart. What is the Lord convicting you about and how are you working on the issues in your life?  Be proactive, ask for help if you need it, and enjoy the freedom that comes with surrendering to the Lord and His (not your) plan for your life.