Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Ways to Love Our Children

Happy February!
With this month being “the month of love” I wanted to share ways on how we love others in our home.  

Love is both a noun and a verb. Today I will be talking more about the verb side of love as in how we can cherish those the Lord has allowed in our lives and help them thrive. I will be relating this post to children today but the tips below can be helpful in any relationship.

When I think of the children the Lord has blessed me with, I see how vastly different they are from one another.  They look different, act different, learn differently from one another, and their love languages are different . It takes time studying them, making mistakes, and as they become older, being able to talk with them about what they enjoy and how best to enter their world.  Please join me over at My Pink Gems where I will share my top 5 tips of showing love to my tribe. Click here to read the rest of today's post.

With love,

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