Thursday, May 1, 2014

DIY Sock Bunny and Other Sweet Critters

I love making homemade gifts for those I love.  Whether it comes from my kitchen, from my craft table, or sewing nook, it makes me feel good to give a gift I have made with my own hands.

I am a beginner at most things so I need simple, easy to follow directions, especially when it comes to sewing projects.  I found this tutorial from lil blue boo  on how to make a sock bunny and adapted it with this tutorial from craft passion and the results made my little girl smile.

 Meet Cupcake... the Easter bunny for my little honey.

 Made from two argyle knee high socks from Walmart... this bunny is adorable and classy.
 Yes, the tail is a bit off center, but since it was sewed on at 2am, I don't think I did half bad.  :)

Even the boys fell in love with little Cupcake.  So now on the list of sock critters to make are:

Owl from "how to make a doll"  - it is made from a baby sock so it is cute and tiny.

Elephant from My Own Little World  (she also has a giraffe tutorial that you can get by clicking here)

Happy Crafting!

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