Monday, December 9, 2013

Juice Lid Snowman Ornament

Years ago I was helping my darling mother-in-law pack up her items as we moved her into our home.  I came across a bag of juice lids, all clean and awaiting who knows what.  I asked her about them and she said that she was saving them for a project she would do one day, she was not sure what, but she was sure they'd come in handy.  I giggled to myself not realizing that I too would be saving juice lids to use in projects in the coming years.

Juice lids make wonderful labels for bins, tags for gifts, magnets, ornaments and so much more.   Each year I make the kids a homemade ornament to hang on our tree.  This year I made these adorable snowmen.

What you need:
3 juice lids per snowman
1 or more grommets/eyelets per snowman
Thin ribbon, rick rack, or fabric scraps
Old Christmas cards
Mod Podge
Something to punch a hole into juice lid.  I love my Crop A Dial.  You could use a nail as well.
Small jar that will fit just inside juice lid
Pink acrylic paint.
Sharpie markers in black and orange

What to do:  (sorry I did not do step by step photos, please feel free to leave comments below if you have any questions.)

1. Peek through your old Christmas cards and choose designs you like.  I chose simple white backgrounds for the face and bottom of each snowman (it is not visible in the picture but the bottom of each snowman has a design in the white.  Some have sparkles, some have stars, others have a Bible verse or snowflakes.)  I chose different blue colored cards for the bellies of each snowman.  Again, sometimes there is a design or verse.  Just depends on the cards you have. You could have themed snowmen, colorful snowmen, or whimsical snowmen.  Have fun with it!

2.  Using your jar, trace circles onto cards and cut out.

3. Make the face of your snowman.  Decide which circle cut out will be the face and using a black marker add eyes and mouth.  Use the orange marker to make a carrot nose.  Then with pink paint, dip your pinkie into paint and add a little fingerprint on either side of your snowman's face to make cute, rosy cheeks.  Let dry.

4. Once your face is dry, paint the back of  your cut out circle with your paint brush and Mod Podge and adhere to your juice lid.  Also paint the front of the circle with the Mod Podge so it all seals well.  It will look milky but will dry clear.  Do this for each section of your snowman and let dry (it only takes about 15 minutes.)

5. Once your juice lids are dry go ahead and punch a hole.  One hole at top of the head and one at the bottom of the head, one at top and bottom of the belly, and one at the top of the last circle for your snowman.  I added an eyelet/grommet to the hole at the top of the my snowman's head but left the rest of the holes plain.

6.  String ribbon through top hole to hang your ornament on your tree.  Then lace a small piece of ribbon from bottom of snowman's head to top of the belly lid and tie a knot.  Do the same to attach the belly to the bottom of your snowman and tie a knot.

7. Find a cute piece of decorative ribbon, rick rack, or fabric to tie around the "neck" of your snowman (the knotted ribbon between the head and the belly) so it looks like your little friend has a scarf.

8.  Take a look at your sweet new ornament and know that it cost you hardly anything but will make a really cute addition to your tree or give it as a gift, use it as a tag for a present, or make a bunch of them and hang them as a garland.  :)

Happy creating!

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